Winning at Life

Life is complicated, and humans find it hard to actually “live” life as the world changes. Most of us only allow ourselves to be happy when having recognition, awards, high academic grades, fame, and money. They are just decorations but not the essence of life. How do you know if you are truly living and winning at life?

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sunset in Boracay Island

Winning at life means loving yourself first. Winning at life means following what your heart desires. Winning at life means fearlessly and confidently expressing yourself. Winning at life means you’re focusing on your own timeline. Winning at life means living abundantly in God’s grace and love. Winning at life means being happy with what you have not only when have what you want. Winning at life means spending quality time with people who matter. Winning at life means genuinely showing kindness. Winning at life means you’re living life to the fullest.

Winning at life means _____________. *now complete the last sentence, and win at your life today*

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life is beautiful so live it

Who is Janine?

Hi, Girls! My name is Janine. I am twenty something years young. I am a hotelier, MBA student, school organization officer, literary editor, local community tour guide, certified Swiftie, self-proclaimed Gilmore Girl and a constant lover of life.

As I discover more of myself, I learned that I love going to the beach, hitting the books, living in the city, watching reruns of friends, seeing the world, playing the ukulele, chasing after my dreams, wizarding world, concerts, festivals, gastronomy and having the time of my life with real friends and family. I am a believer of magic, fairy tales, and happy endings. I love organizing my life and constantly changing it for the better.

My blog is a virtual journal of my life and experiences created to share some nuggets of wisdom, spread positivity, and show how amazing it is to live life fully in hopes of forming a sweet sisterhood.

Girls, let us all fall in love with life and all its amazing possibilities no matter what. Winning at life starts today!



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